Moving furniture, break-room amenities, and even employees can cause enough headaches when your company relocates, but your audio and visual technologies pose a whole new set of challenges. The equipment needs to fit the space, and the space needs to accommodate the equipment. You also need to position devices so they best serve users, and you must make sure everyone can be productive in their new spaces from day one.

The Technology Moving Guide for IT Pros gives you tips for ensuring a smooth transition, and it even includes a moving checklist and schedule. Download the guide now for information that includes:

  • How to budget your audio and visual needs
  • Questions to ask decision makers
  • Which technologies to keep and which to upgrade
  • How technology integrators can simplify your move

Whether you’re renovating, expanding your spaces, or moving to a new location, this guide will help ensure you make the most of your new spaces and minimize disruption.

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