3 Benefits to Partnering with an Audio Visual Systems Integrator

why-use-AV-integrator-4As an IT professional, you are accustomed to using your creativity to improvise solutions when your team is in a technology bind. So you may have mad skills with thinking of new ways to use duct tape and paperclips, but there are times when hiring an audio visual systems integrator will save you considerable time and trouble. You may already know that integrators connect audio and video systems in a way that optimizes their performance while making sure they don’t overload your network, but their expertise, experience, certifications, and industry connections come with certain benefits, including: 

Audio Visual Systems Integrators Save You Money

Some worry that an integrator will cost too much, but the fact is that they know the best technology options for your budget. And they make sure projects are designed right the first time, not taking shortcuts that will need to be fixed later. Hopefully it hasn’t happened at your organization, but you may have heard stories of rooms, additions, or even entire buildings built with AV as an afterthought. What that means is that cables are exposed, hardware clutters your space, you’re stuck with lighting that wasn’t designed for the room’s use, and more.   

If a professional integrator is brought in at the outset of a project, you save the time, trouble, and expense of later having to tear apart walls, floors, and/or ceilings to properly wire a room. Typically, integrators don’t view installations as isolated projects but as a piece of a larger picture. They consider its place in your organization as a whole, as well as how it fits into your long-term technology plans. 

With new projects, they consider your needs for scalability and standardization so that savings don’t just apply to this project but affect your long-term return on investments.  

Integrators Make Audio Visual Technologies Easy to Use

Implementing user-friendly solutions is a priority, so it may seem counter-intuitive that they may steer you away from using consumer solutions. However, they know the downsides to using solutions not intended for use in offices, retail, education, and the like. Lower costs do not outweigh the expense of intermittent performance or frequent replacement—especially since non-consumer use will sometimes void a hardware warranty. Whether you’re investing in solutions for audio, streaming, or content sharing, there can also be a cost to sacrificing professionalism with your customers and visitors. 

They also make sure solutions are easy to use by recommending technologies that are simple and intuitive, resulting in improved productivity. Integrators aim to make sure technologies are non-intrusive. This means hiding or eliminating cables where possible, making sure mics and other technology blend in with the environment, and making sure solutions don’t get in the way of any aspect of work.  

Finally, integrators don’t just simplify work for users but for IT because they understand your challenges and that you need your time to do more important work.   

You Get the Best in AV

Qualified integrators will follow industry best practices, according to standards set by organizations like AQAV and AVIXA. Their technicians will also be certified in their specialized areas. This level of expertise means they can easily customize your solutions based on your organization’s industry, as well as specific organizational goals. 

Experienced integrators have also invested years in growing industry relationships and partnerships. As a client, you get added value from these connections because they can help get you the best costs on technology, training, repairs, ongoing maintenance, and more. Oftentimes, partnerships also mean the technicians have trained—and continue to train—in a manufacturer’s specific solutions. Therefore, you get expert installation of the most modern solutions, and they pass on necessary information to you, helping you demonstrate your value to the organization.

Learn More about integration

An audio visual systems integrator will take a lot off your plate, and there are even more ways they can help connect you to your goals—depending on the type of work you do and the kinds of solutions you need. However, every integrator is different, so it’s important to do a little research to make sure they’re a good fit for your organization.

See how GENCOMM adds value to technology projects.

See How GENCOMM Adds Value to Technology Projects