Achieve Clear Group Communication with ListenTALK

ListenTALK-Listen-TechnologiesWhether you’re giving backstage tours at a bustling community theatre or guiding groups through the tranquil halls of a local art museum, it doesn’t matter how entertaining or informative you are if participants can’t hear what you’re saying. They miss out on the valuable experience you had planned, and they leave disappointed. And since shouting to get your point across isn’t a sustainable solution for your two-way communication challenges, what is?

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ListenTALK is a mobile, wireless transceiver that both transmits and receives audio in multiple communication modes. In listen mode, participants can hear a presenter but can’t communicate with them or any other members of the group. The respond mode allows participants to listen and respond directly to the presenter or group leader. In discuss mode, participants can listen and respond directly to the presenter or to the whole group. 

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What Are the Benefits of Two-Way Communication from ListenTALK?

Whether you’re trying to improve communication between event staff members or save a tour guide’s voice, here is a brief overview of what ListenTALK can do for you. For more detailed information, download the ListenTALK brochure from our website. 

  • Training. From corporate trainers in large auditoriums to sports coaches on the field, trainers shouldn’t have to shout to be heard and understood. And they don’t have time to wrangle a complicated amplification system either. ListenTALK is a portable solution with no installation—or yelling—required. Learn more about ListenTALK’s simple set-up and operation with the Quick Start Guide among the resources at the bottom of the our ListenTALK page.
  • Language interpretation. We live in an increasingly globalized world, and language interpretation is required everywhere from corporate meetings to religious services. With ListenTALK, participants can hear what is being said in their own language without distracting other listeners. Our ListenTALK solution page includes a how-to video about setting up ListenTALK groups.
  • Assistive listening. The direct and discreet communication facilitated by ListenTALK can also help meet your organization’s assistive listening needs and requirements. And because ListenTALK is compatible with smartphone earbuds and other headphones, the venue doesn’t need to provide additional or proprietary equipment.
  • Event production. Team members setting up for a performance or an event need to communicate with each other to make sure all the pieces are coming together. But if the team is spread out over a large venue, real-time collaborative communication is impossible without the right technology. With ListenTALK configured for discussion, all members of your team can talk to each other in real time without distance getting in the way. The discussion also flows better without the interruptions of switching between listening and speaking modes that you experience with solutions like a walkie-talkie.
  • Tours and presentations. A tour of a historic landmark or other place of interest is no fun if you spend the whole time fighting for a spot in the front so that you can hear the guide or presenter. ListenTALK gives every participant the same audio experience, no matter where they are in the group or audience.

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As an AV systems designer and integrator, GENCOMM is a ListenTALK provider. With a comprehensive approach to evaluating and addressing your needs, GENCOMM can help you plan, install, and manage your communication solutions. Want to know more about ListenTALK? Visit the solution page for more details.

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