5 Times You Should Consider a Portable Sound System

portable-sound-education-av-382835-editedWorking hard for students is part of a teacher’s dedication, but working hard for their AV tools shouldn’t be. Teachers need simple-to-operate and versatile audio visual solutions that are affordable and easy to use whether they are at the white board, walking around the classroom, leading a pep rally or responding to an emergency situation. 

A portable PA system, like those manufactured by Anchor Audio, provides teachers and administrators clear and intelligible audio in a flexible application that can meet all their schools’—and students’—needs. 

Get the Audio You Need Where You Need It  

For a school or university on a tight budget, a multi-purpose AV solution is always better than an AV tool that can only be used one way. Here are five applications for a portable PA system in an educational setting. 

  1. Classroom amplification. According to recent research, teachers experience voice disorders at a much higher rate than the general population. In addition, while children spend 45 percent of their day engaged in listening activities, they miss 25 percent of what the teacher says. A portable PA system, such as the AN series from Anchor Audio, solves both problems at once. Using a wearable, mounted or wireless microphone, teachers don’t have to speak as loudly to be heard, and students get the same clear audio experience no matter where they sit in the room and no matter their relation to the teacher. By connecting a projector to your portable PA system you have a full AV solution at a fraction of the cost.
  2. Emergency response. An emergency situation, such as a natural disaster, requires immediate and intelligible audio communication. It also requires an AV system that can be deployed anywhere in your building or on campus. A portable, lightweight, battery-powered PA system is the best solution to meet your emergency preparedness needs. The solution also needs to be easy enough to operate so that anyone on your staff could use it in the case of an emergency and should provide the same quality of audio both indoors and outdoors.
  3. School-wide events. To equip every public space in your school or university—including the cafeteria, library, gym, and outdoor fields, with their own AV system is a cost-prohibitive proposition for most educational institutions. A flexible, portable PA system gives you an affordable solution that can meet the audio needs of multiple spaces and events. For example, the Liberty Platinum sound system from Anchor Audio can reach up to 700 people with a single speaker, has 6-8 hours of battery life, can accommodate up to two wireless microphones and sync with personal devices, all with a durable and portable design that makes it easy to move between rooms and venues.
  4. Athletic competitions. A race is only fair if all the participants can hear the instructions and starting commands, and a game is only fun if all the spectators can hear the calls and commentary. A solution like Anchor Audio’s MegaVox Pro helps ensure athletes and spectators alike can hear the information they need. Additional speakers added to the base system can help reach crowds of 1,000 or more with clear, intelligible audio, and the wired and wireless capabilities of the system make it extremely flexible no matter where you take it.
  5. Indoor and outdoor performances. Musical performances such as band concerts, and school plays and pageants, require high fidelity speakers with a full range of sound. These events can also take place in a variety of unique locations, including outdoor fields and arenas, outdoor theaters or multipurpose rooms. Instead of purchasing and individual AV system for each venue, choosing the right portable sound system can give you one solution for multiple venues, with the audio quality that musical and theatrical performances require. A DC (direct current) system with rechargeable power is easy to transport around the school and won’t trip you up—literally and figuratively—with a bunch of wires and cables.

Try Out a Portable Sound System Today

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