How Workspaces Reflect Your Company Culture

The spaces you work in may be designed for productivity, but a lot more goes on in the office than just work. The work realm is also where employees take breaks, make friends, serve the community, and more.

Your workspaces play a pivotal role in all of that. They can affect productivity, mood, and creativity. They can make it easier or harder to focus, socialize, and collaborate, and they can even affect your health and feelings of well-being. 

Design Spaces That Reflect Your Priorities

But your organization’s workspaces also reflect your company culture as a whole. Do you value openness? Tranquility? Fun? Or is your organization serious? Fast-paced? High-tech? 

More companies, for example, are focused on being environmentally responsible. Many choose to reflect this by designing workspaces that embrace nature and give employees a healthier—and even greener—work environment

As more enterprise spaces are creatively optimized for teamwork, there are also new opportunities to enhance office culture. For incoming generations of employees, as well as for anyone who enjoys more freedom and engagement in the workplace, technology can be a real boon to attracting and retaining talent. 

Making Spaces People-Friendly

It’s possible to be a “cool company” without breaking the bank. It’s only a matter of using the real estate you have in creative ways. Once again, look at those usage analytics to figure out which office areas are neglected and have the potential to be optimized as a fun or productive spot to connect and collaborate with other team members. 

Observe how your team members like to meet and socialize. If they congregate in the kitchen, consider that as an opportunity to create more interaction and engagement. Use a video display for fantasy football or other company-created content. Maybe it could even be a scoreboard for the office ping-pong table. 

If you have an especially creative workforce, consider creating a space that makes it easy for engaged employees to create video content for your brand. The whole company can benefit from these tools, and team members will have fun using them. 

For those arriving in the workplace straight out of college, technology expectations are particularly high. In addition to interactive displays and communications technologies, they are used to solutions like large collaborative displays for work and entertainment content. They’re looking for easy ways to connect with displays to share images, videos, apps and maybe even video games. 

Show Value to People in Your Spaces

Gamification of the workplace continues to be a trend, and here too, video technology offers some creative solutions. Leaderboards provide personal motivation in the workplace, and they can reinforce how each team member’s piece of a project matters to the overall success of the company. Knowing the “why” of tasks adds meaning to work. 

If your company decides to create a dynamic impression for visitors with an integrated video wall in the lobby, there are ways to optimize that solution for internal benefit as well. You can find ways to use the video wall for town halls and team building, such as creating skills competitions and inviting employees to share their work on the big screen. 

If you want your surroundings to better reflect your organization’s culture and values, a systems integrator can recommend which technologies will help you create the environment you want.

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